Red. Set. Go!

QS/1 customer Jeff Beck has seen the spirit of Red. Set. Go! in action. Owner of Steve’s Pharmacy in Cumberland, MD, his story is featured on a special cover of Inc. magazine. Watch him share a few of his favorite things about his partnership with QS/1.


Red Set Go! represents our renewed and accelerated efforts to welcome feedback and encourage our customers to reach out to us with comments and advice. We are committed to ensuring our products are focused on you. We are stewards of QS/1’s legacy, and we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and community mindedness of independent pharmacists.

QS/1 was founded by an innovator whose mission was to provide technology to run the business of pharmacy. Creating one of the earliest stand-alone pharmacy management systems in the industry, Jim Smith knew what pharmacists needed before they did. QS/1 is committed to setting your pharmacy up for success. We equip you with the products and services you need to get the most out of your software and run your pharmacy as efficiently as possible.



We are committed to doing more than we have to while maintaining the highest integrity and constantly seeking to provide high-quality service. These values drive all that we do. We stand on the principals of servant leadership and maintaining a healthy work-life balance while striving to promote diversity, acceptance, and respect in all interactions.