Wade is a senior hardware technician and self-described tech geek who loves strategy games, whether it’s Final Fantasy 7 or chess. He’s owned every video-game system from the first Nintendo to the current PS4 and beaten hundreds of games. Figuring out computer issues stimulates his brain in a similar way. “I like to take a complex issue that a customer may have been having for months and try to solve it like a puzzle.” So, it’s not a big surprise to find him working happily as a senior hardware technician in our Regional Support Center in Sturbridge, MA.

When he’s not at work, he’s generally with his girlfriend since high school and French Bulldog, Buddy. They like to hike, bike, kayak, watch movies, hang out with friends, and travel. Wade’s latest interest is the stock market, and after intense online research and listening to audiobooks while driving, he opened a couple of accounts and had a lot of success. “I find it fun because it seems like another strategy game to me.” He also hopes it will help with his goal to travel around the world.

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